Inspirational Paintings Gallery

Collage allows me to tell a story. I imagine the people in the photographs are people I know. I make up a story in my head about the people and the places they’d go. And the things they would find beautiful. I look for papers that will lend themselves to the central image. Sometimes a little extra colour is needed, so I use chalk paint to add dimension.  Sometimes I can find a line of text that speaks to the piece. These snippets of text really uplift my spirits. When I’m feeling particularly low, a simple line of text is what I need to get me out of my deep state. The lines of text say beautiful things that I need to hear. Or be reminded of on particularly dark days.

When I’m all finished and the glues have dried, I go over the piece with clear encaustic medium. This adds more depth. The colours deepen as the wax soaks through the papers. Sometimes a paper will become transparent. Not knowing exactly what the wax will do is among the joys of encaustic. If need be, a little pan pastel is added to highlight central images. It is my hope that these little pieces of collage will be the bright light in someone’s otherwise dark day.

Many of these paintings are available to view and purchase at Southampton Arts in Southampton, Ontario.


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