We Will Find a Brighter Day | Amelia Kraemer | Mixed Media | 6x12

Amelia Kraemer Art

Although I’m intuitive in my experimentation, each painting is more about the process. Art allows me to escape my everyday anxious and depressive mindset. When I’m in flow, I’m swept away into a world where I’m only thinking about the next step in my process. This systematic approach allows me some semblance of control. It’s a sanctuary. 

While painting I come in and out of focus on the music I’m listening to, then the physical act of painting itself, then the music, then the painting and this back-and-forth dance continues. Music is integral to my process. My paintings become soulless if there is no music. Generally, I names my paintings after parts of song lyrics that evoke the emotion felt when caught in the middle of laying down stoke after stroke of the brush.

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